When Master Designer and Master Builder Come Together


At their essence, Friedman guitars are a combination of wood, frets, tuners, and pickups. But the “Secret Sauce” that elevates Friedman instruments is the way Dave’s meticulously selected design elements are brought to life by legendary guitar builder, Grover Jackson and the partnership that has created.


Though world-renown for his amplifiers, Dave Friedman’s passion and knowledge of guitars are just as deep. His trained ear and 20-plus years at the highest level of craftsmanship has seen him consulting and advising guitar companies for years. They also inform every decision he makes in choosing the finest tonewoods, pickup designs, and other materials to craft exceptional instruments.


The excellence and contributions of Grover Jackson’s guitars have been turning the guitar world on its ear for decades. Not only has he lead multiple guitar brands to the top of guitarists’ consciousness, but his designs, like the compound radius fingerboard, are still found on thousands of guitars around the world.


Knowing when to rely on the wisdom of classic designs and what elements of the electric guitar should be allowed to evolve, Dave and Grover imbue every Friedman electric guitars with a carefully seasoned mixture of the familiar and that which is new. Both the instruments and the partnership these two masters share are an industry-changing combination that simply needs to be experienced to be believed.


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